Peer Review Process | Engineering Journals

Engineering Journals - Peer Review Process :

    ISAR Journals paper review process is completed in the following steps and we gives status of paper Accepted/ Minor Changes Required / Major Changes Required/ Rejected within 3-5 days.

    Step 1 : ( Authors )

    Author submits his/her manuscript(artical) to ISAR by sending mail to 

    Step 2 : ( (Editor in Chief )

    Editor forwards the paper to appropriate spiciest reviewers related to that subject 

    Step 3 : ( Authors )

    Reviewing board checks the article and gives the status of the research paper with following remarks along with plagiarism checking:

    1. Accepted

    2. Minor Changes Required

    3. Major Changes Required

    4. Rejected

    Step 4 : ( Authors )

    Author will send scan copy of the copy right form (format can download by the website) by mail to editor.

    Step 5 : ( Publisher)

    Publisher will publish the accepted paper in next coming issue and give the information to author.

    Step 6 : ( Editor in Chief )

    Editor in chief sends the certificate to authors of the reaserch paper.